Everest Alone: Maurice Wilson's 1934 Journey to the the Summit

Everest Alone: Maurice Wilson's 1934 Journey to the the Summit

Maurice Wilson was brought up like many other young men in England. He was intelligent, athletic and curious. In 1918 at the age of 20 he joined the Army and was sent to France where he fought in some of the toughest and bloodiest battles of WW I.


Returning home, a hero but damaged both physically and mentally Maurice traveled the world starting and running a string of successful businesses but never finding the personal satisfaction that he craved.


In 1932 Maurice developed an idea that would both satisfy his desires and, in his mind, inspire the world. He announced to the horror of his friends that he intended to fly a biplane from England to the slopes of Mount Everest, crash land on the upper snow fields and then walk to the top and become the first person to stand on the summit.


The only thing standing in his way was that he had never piloted a plane and had no mountaineering experience. Aside from personal challenges he was hampered at every stage by both the British government and the British mountaineering establishment.


This is the story of Maurice Wilson and his visionary journey to be the first person to summit the worlds tallest mountain.

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